First date "wow" factors...


When going on a first date with a guy what are some things about him that would make you go "wow, nice"...things that would peak your interest even more about him?


What he says?

Orders for dinner?




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  • Clothing, I like the guy to wear something casual, and smell nice, not too much aftershave though. It's nice when the guy maintains good eye contact, smiles and keeps the conversation flowing, asking questions giving me the opportunity to speak and also ask questions. Manners - normal table manners will do thank you, and don't look around at other girls that is so annoying esp on the first date!

    Not too much touchy feely on the first date!

    Orders for dinner - I like to discuss my orders with you, so ask what she fancies, but thank you very much I have a mouth I can tell the waiter/ress what I would like to eat. If she is the shy type you might have to place her order. Take the iniative if the meals over ask for the bill and pay, if she wants to go 50/50 then let her do it, but insist on paying.

    Compliment her - you can say anything to make her feel good and to show her that you have noticed that she has made an effort, you could say something like 'I like the way you did your eye make up it's gorgeous' or 'I love the colour of your top it goes so well with your complexion or hair colour' sound genuine and find the right moment to say it.

    End of the date tell her you have had a nice time etc...only if you mean it though!

    Always remain polite and remember your please and thank yew's.


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  • ok, surprise her, don't tell her where you're taking her. she'll assume you're taking her to dinner. take her bowling and out to ice cream or something, I would much rather do something fun. when a guy takes me to dinner I'm so nervous, I hardly say anything, but if he takes me somewhere fun, then I open up. show up in a dress shirt and jeans, no tennis shoes, bring her a rose and then take her somewhere fun, it'll show that you're spontainous. if my date were to show up with a rose m first thought would be "oh boy, another romantic... this'll be fun... NOT!"

  • I like guys that can be them self around me and I love it win guys call me sweetie and if you take it slow you will get a lot farther with a girl. As for the way they dress I don’t really mind that’s who they are and that’s who they need to be but for a first date he should try to mach a effort that’s always nice. well god luck!

  • SOmeone who is confident, but not cocky! Someone who makes me laugh and who is comfortable in their own skin! You can tell when someone is trying to be something or someone their not! So, just be yourself, be interested in what she says - compliment her - listen to her and just have fun!


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