What can I text him?

We text everyday and we always ask each other how their day is going. Is there another way I can start texting him? I like him and I know he likes me. We've gone on a few dates and we've already talked about going out again.


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  • Yes, there definitely Is "other ways to put it," sweetie, but I don't want you to say the wrong things and end up with a distant duck. Guys today get cold feet fast, and with this, will book faster in the wind than the messages you've been sending to him.

    Keep it "light and semi sweet" for now, until you both are In person, and things together, have been agreed on. You have a fresh start with the mutual feelings for one another. Go slow until then. Once this happens, you will be sending more than "How is your day going?"

    For the time being, you can start your text off as: "Hi, smiley..:))xx