How long does a guy wait to call after a second date?

Is there some sort of rule about how long a guy waits after a second date to call for a third date?

We had our first date on Thursday night, and he planned a second date for the Saturday night. The Sunday afternoon we were supposed to meet up, but we cancelled due to the weather. I told him I was going to be busy this week, and he's going away over the weekend. So when will I hear from him again? (He also has my gloves so I'm trying to figure out how long I wait until I try and get them back.)


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  • I doubt he wants to keep your gloves and your last meeting was amicable so don't worry about them.

    As for rules, they don't apply. Guys do whatever they want to do when they can do it. Sometimes you get the least confident ones in here asking questions like, "when should I..." but it doesn't really matter.

    In your case you've already told him that you're going to be busy this whole week and you already know he's busy the weekend. I wouldn't be surprised if he doesn't get back to you until next Monday. He's probably thinking, "Well, what's the point of calling if we are both busy until then?"

    • I think you were right. When I messaged him to get my gloves back he responded near instantaneously asking if I would see him this week. So I guess I'll take that as a positive sign. Thanks for taking the time to answer!

    • I appreciate your recognition. :0)

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  • There's really no rules and you can try to take the initiative and call him.. Not everything is a guys job ya know, some guys wait for the girl to "follow up" to see if she's interested

  • No rule


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