Limit on time between 1st/2nd/3rd date?

Is there a time window or a limit between going on dates or showing interest in somebody? I only ask due to wondering about a girl I went on a date with. I felt that both of us were nervous about meeting for the first time and we had decent chemistry but it turned into a interview session instead of an actual date. I was semi interested, but didn't ask her on a second or 3rd date. Now its 3 weeks later and I really want to see her again and just hang in a relaxed situation. Is it too late to reconnect 3 weeks later and just call her or text her "Hey"?


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  • I'm sure after that first week went by she figured you weren't interested. But who knows? I say what's the harm in trying? Don't lead her on to believe you want another date if that's not what you want though.


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