When to contact her next?

I went on a first date with someone yesterday and I think it went well. She texted me after the date thanking me for the dinner again and saying she had a good time and wishing me a good night. I texted her later about a basketball game congratulating her on her teams win, she had talked about how she was excited to watch it earlier.

Well my last girlfriend and I had a weird relationship, she started calling me before our first date and we talked daily throughout. I know that is unusual so I am trying to break myself of that streak. When should I contact her next? Take a day off, two maybe? And when would be too soon to ask for a second date? I am thinking of asking her out Saturday, is Tuesday to Saturday enough of a gap between the first and second date?



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  • talk to her on Thursday and make the plans don't be to distant but nether to clingy


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