Would he want me to be his girlfriend?

So this guy I know thinks I'm hot and have a good body would he want me as his girlfriend though?

Like I don't rely talk to him though but do you think if I talked to him more there would b a chance?


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  • Do you want an actual relationship or a casual fling?

    If you want a substantial boyfriend don't bother pursuing this guy. A guy that blatantly tells you you're hot and have a nice body isn't exactly thinking about planning a romantic candle lit dinner for the two of you and being genuine with you.

    Unless this guy just has no idea how to interact with girls (which may be true at this age) he's basically telling you that you'd be a good booty call.

    Generally most guys that stamp you in the 'hot body' category will have trouble looking past this label and being genuinely interested in you personally. Its a lot like being stereotyped. They're setting you into a group of people that they act a certain way towards, and unless they actively want to, they're always going to see you how they've labeled you.


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  • Of course that you should talk with him more, so he could knows you better. And for becoming his girlfriend this is very important, not only how hot he thinks you are. So be more outgoing, good luck.

  • Not necessarily

    sure he thinks your hot but he has to like you too

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