Is he testing me or afraid to lose me?

This guy and I have been seeing each other for just over 2 months now. We click and have a great chemistry and the sex is great as well. Now lately he hugs me a lot (wasnt doing this in the beginning so much) and he gives me advice as well.

A month ag he asked me if I'm happy with him or if I'm cheating him. and I asked him if he's hhappy with me and he said "yes why shouldn't he be"

he also told me of a girl that he slept with once way before he met me who texted him a few days back. he told me that he told her that he's seeing someone now and not to message him, and he told me that thy just talk as friends once in a while.

Then he was smirking and he asked me as a joke if it would be k to fuck her while he s with me. As soon as I took offense he said relax and he hugged me. Then when I asked him if its OK to fuck another guy he said " no" to me.

I also aske dhim today if he wants to see me again and he said yes then he looked at me funny but he's OK with me...bbut I feel bad with what wa said the other day, then he told me he's not cheating...

why would he have asked me this? is he testing me to see if I'm serous about him? or is he scared to lose me?

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p.s we take photos together plus he was the 1st to congratulate me when I got my diploma


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  • If he and you have been seeing each other "exclusively" for two months now, and sparks are flying even more as time goes on, then he is Now feeling "comfortable" enough in your relationship to start "teasing" you about Anything. Yes, that includes even an ex girl friend. From what I am seeing here, I am seeing a guy who is just trying to get his girlfriend in a frenzy, probably Testing You to see how You would react to him and---"another woman."

    If you have this chemistry with one another, your sex life is booming, you click and flick with loving hugs and great convo, then I don't see where he has interest in cheating on you with Her. Firstly, he was Honest enough enough to even confide in you about the texts. That's an APlus right there. Sincerity. Second...He doesn't want you to be with any other guy, because You are His girl.

    No, he was wrong in this "joking manner" he portrayed, but I have had guys I have been with in a relationship, do the same thing to me, and we both just end up laughing and jabbing each other, then kiss and makeup."

    It's a guy thing. Yes, he Is testing you, and fooling around with you just to get your goat. I wouldn't say he is "scared" or anything, but he wanted to see if what he had said, would indeed bother you. He found out. I also found out how much you two seem to communicate, talk things out, and this is healthy in a new relationship.

    Leave it alone. Drop it for now. Don't You be scared, sweetie.Three...Now is the time for trust, and the trial run begins. For the moment, you should give him the benefit of the doubt, and take his word for it that he is Not cheating, nor Will he in the future. However, but if you should get some red flag signs, believe me, you will Seriously know it. He sounds like a keeper, someone who you share this great magic with, and he is there for you...Even on graduation day, he made it a point to be the first to congratulate you when you got your diploma. I wish I could have snapped That pix..xx


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  • While I'd guess that he's probably not cheating, the real issue is that the two of you need to sit down and have a REAL discussion about how you feel about each other and what you want now and in the future together. This means TOTAL HONESTY and BRUTAL TRUTH, no holding back or playing games. Find out how you both feel and what you both want, and see if your views and his are compatible.

    You should be talking about lots of other aspects of your life as well, and making sure those are compatible for a long-term relationship. Many things are easily overlooked in a casual or short-term relationship that can't be overlooked long-term, and you need to figure out what those are for you, and make sure you can live with his answers, and he yours. Again, total honesty. That's the only way you're going to know where you stand, and it's the only way you're going to be able to build trust and security in the relationship. There's no room for shyness. Be direct, and make sure you get real answers. If things feel funny, then you're probably not getting the truth, and if that's the case, then usually something is being hidden.


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  • Aw, so cute. Tell him to fock away lol? clearly he wants a friends with benefits type thing? if you're OK with this than tell him it's all good, if not, tell him you're not interested.

    • hes been seeing me for 2 months plus we have each other on Facebook and we take photos together...he also met my mom...

    • You have been definitely been playing your cards right..keep up the good work, and as you nurture this relationship, you will both learn from any mistakes, and grow more together if this is true love.xx