How do I get guys that just care about sex?

In 12 years I've only been with guys who couldn't care less about sex. Granted, I was pretty fat and ugly for the first half of that but I'm not anymore- I'm not beautiful or anything, but I'm at least in good shape and don't dress like a little kid... Anyway, being unattractive physically made me "lead" with my personality. I don't push guys into relationships with me and if they leave, they leave, but weirdly enough plenty would want to stay with me even though they only wanted a platonic and usually cerebral relationship, where sometimes I end up being a mommy or a therapist (but not a sugar momma lol, I don't make enough money to be one). How do I get guys to just use me for my mediocre body? Lol I know this is the opposite of the typical girl's complaints, but seriously, I have a high sex drive and have spent over a decade BEGGING AND BRIBING men to simply touch me. They all argue that I shouldn't want physical intimacy and usually try to insist that I'm some sort of wholesome nun (?), I guess because the thought of an ugly girl having a sex drive is beyond disgusting (but then why date me? Again I don't make a lot of money!). I have the rest of my life to be a lonely nerd; how do I have a few years of some kind of sex life before I'm too old? I'm so sick of just being a cuddle buddy I can't imagine going through the rest of my life like this :( I'm fine with hiding my personality and all, I just need to know what to hide because it's only for short-term dating anyway... I can't really do anything else to improve my appearance...


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  • Hang out in bars where guys are drunk and grope them and stuff. Bars are made for hookups. Anyone in a bar is pretty much for hookups unless they're an alcoholic couple with a lot of cheating drama going on. If the guy doesn't grope you, get him more intoxicated. Rub his penis a lot and call him some dirty, but cute petnames. If he's drunk enough he won't be able to see straight thus making you automatically fuckable.

    Find a drug addict who is completely off the wall with his addictions and really horny. Fuck the shit out of him when he's high. If he's not high enough, bring alcohol, preferably hard liquor for a faster buzz.

    Ruin a marriage. Find a married guy with a sex life gone to shit. Bring him home and leave your laptop monitor off but recording the whole thing and send it to his wife when you are done.

    Find a bisexual partner and invite a guy to a threesome. This way you're automatically in because there's a second girl involved. You may be secondary because she could be more attractive but hey, it's sex!

    • Lol. Drug addicts only want cuddle buddies too. I would feel like I'd have to apologize profusely to even a drunk guy for banging me-I'm not the kind of hot girl that can get away with groping a guy, I WOULD be arrested lol. And I have no interest in ruining marriages, just finding some guy who actually for some utterly insane reason was physically attracted to me for at least like a week.

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  • You are setting yourself up with something that is not good enough for you shouldn't a relationship involve more than just sex?

    • Beggars can't be choosers! And how is a relationship where I am doomed to sit next to a guy on a couch watching something I hate for years on end better for me than some physical fun without having to take care of him, worry about him, etc.? P.S. I'm nto a weirdo who thinks sex means love; that obviously would make this a bad idea for me!

  • Try doing something unique that most women don't bother to try... just be honest and direct about you intentions!

    Have you tried posting an ad that says: I'm blah blah blah, I like guys that are blah blah blah, I'm only looking for a short-term relationship, or just a NSA physical connection. If you find me attractive or share these sexual interests, please contact me. Thanks.

    Then allow yourself to be surprised.


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  • Stop leading with your personality and lead with suggestive clothes. Go where sex hungry guys are like night clubs. Date guys who aren't interested in relationships like players, dope boys, etc. Go where people do drugs and drink excessively. Approach men instead of waiting on the guys to approach you. Since you will be doing the approaching, they'll assume you're more up-for-it, sexually forward, even desperate.

  • Have you tried dating sites?

    • Yes that's usually how I "attract" guys because it would start with a conversation first. Some of them seemed to make a genuine effort to like me because we would have real things in common, etc., but in the end I still just make them all flaccid lol.

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    • A lot of men on dating sites are looking for true love.

    • What's your point? Everyone is looking for whatever they are looking for