Guy messaged, but didn't make conversation?

This guy I haven't spoken to in years messaged me out of nowhere, for no reason. He just said we haven't spoken in a long time. So I tried making conversation, but he was totally unreceptive from the very start.

He'd give a tiny bit of information with no details (like saying "I moved"), and he kept giving the bare minimum response, and when I tried mentioning things going on in my life, he didn't respond with anything more than "thats cool".

Why would you start a conversation with a someone, and then refuse to actually contribute to that conversation?


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  • i don't know exactly. there could be quite a few reasons. One: he finally got the gumption to talk to you and chickened out. two: you gave some answer to a question he didn't like (like maybe if you have a boyfriend or are married?). three: he's shy or his hesitant to share his personal life. hope that helped a little


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