Worth the risk of a kiss?

I've been hanging out with this chick from work for a few months now, and I've come to the point where I'm debating whether making a move as worth the risk of jeopardizing our friendship. When I'm talking to her she gets flustered when speaking at times and constantly fidgets. But she keeps a conversation running regardless of how long we are out for, and openly sings in front of me. Goodbyes are very awkward; they're the only time we hug and it's always a very tight and prolonged embrace, followed by just lingering without conversation. Last week after hiking and spending a few hours sitting in the brush shoulder to shoulder talking, I swore she was leaning in when I went to hug her and say goodbye. However I didn't notice until I was locked into the hug, and when we finished she laughed and called me a dork. At work we talk a lot, try tripping each other and just find things to annoy one another, and we've been confronted by a few coworkers on what is going on between us, which wasn't awkward strangely enough. Outside of work our conversations are almost non stop through SMS and Facebook, and range from venting our life issues to debating who's dog is better.

There seems to be a heap of green lights, but a few weeks back, she said that she wasn't stable enough for a relationship. She's also mentioned that she wouldn't ever have to lose me if we stayed friends along with mentioning that she's attracted to me. She knows how I feel and yet we still go out on dates. I'm seriously torn on whether kissing her is a good move, or if I'm better off ignoring the vibes and my feelings for her in hopes of preserving our friendship. Is this flirting solid enough of a reason for me to make a move? And do I run the risk of irreparable damage with one kiss?


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  • It seems like an awesome friendship. If you were in a Hollywood movie the script would say you'd kiss her in a surprise moment.

    But I think you should wait and find out more about why she feels unsure she wants a relationship. Once that's settled, don't hesitate to surprise her with a kiss.

  • wow this is a tough one, I highly doubt she would press charges if you randomly planted one on her one day when the moment was right and if she accepts it just let it go on and on and on