Guys am I over thinking?

Basically whenever I text the guy i;m hooking up with he replys immediately, but I text him saying what's up earlier and he didn't reply, he's been active on Facebook and I don't wanna come off as clingy by messaging him on there, plus I saw him earlier on in the day and we had a brief convo and nothing seemed out of the ordinary, could I just be over thinking it by being the over analyzer of everything


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  • You're a hook up and a booty call...of course he's not going to answer you if he's just using you for sex.

    Although personally, I think he should at least answer your non-booty call messages out of a minimum level of respect. It just means he doesn't respect you very much.

    • He replied this morning, he was out with his family I guess we're good

    • Well then if it's just a one time thing, then no biggie. I misinterpreted your question as him doing it to you all the time.

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