How to find a prom date for the socially awkward?

So I go to an all-girls school, and I don't have many guy friends. The guys that I do know, I do not want to take to prom. At all. I'm also socially awkward so I struggle when it comes to talking to guys. I kind of just want to go to prom with friends, but if everyone ends up having a date, I don't want to be the only one with no date. My one friend offered to set me up with a guy, but I don't know him, so I would feel weird about that. What should I do? I really have no idea so I could use some suggestions/help. Thankss:)


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  • I would say I would go with you but you are probably too far away. I would say to ask a friend to go if you wanna go that bad. or make more friends who are guys because honestly if the girl is the shy one I kinda like her. it is kind of instant but I don't know y, anyway just be brave and ask. worst case is he say no or if he mean he say no all loud. one more thing is you should ask you are by yourselves.


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  • I was in the same boat 4 years ago. I also went to an all girls school. :)

    May I ask, why don't you want to take your guy friends?

    • Because some of them are weird or annoying or I just don't want to go to prom with lol