Best first message to a girl on Facebook/twitter?

I'm tired of saying the boring "hey, what's up?" that every guy sends out and I'm looking for something different, but not corny. If you have anything that works for you (guys) or something that you'd like to get as a first message (girls), feel free to post. Thanks


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  • Thank you for getting tired of that message, because we girls are sick and tired of it too :P I mean - it tells us nothing about the guy except his lack of creativity.

    GlompFlomp has a good approach.

    1) Introduce yourself briefly with a description that might encourage further inquisitive discussion regarding it.

    2) Explain why the heck you are writing to a complete stranger with a subtle compliment. Focus on the background of the picture (is she somewhere cool?). Are you friends with one of her friends? Is she studying a subject that you find interesting? Does she have an interesting color hair or hair style?

    3) Invite her to introduce herself.

    Hope that helps!


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  • ~

    I have a way, called the friendship sandwich.

    1. Inform who you are: Everybody likes to know someone new, so maybe start with something about you. You could tell them anything; from how you're scared of clowns to your latest download from iTunes.

    2. The 'Just Right' compliment: As good as breasts/bums/dicks are, nothing beats a compliment that not a lot of people would notice. Maybe in a picture they are wearing something that suits them. Who knows, but you don't want to be scaring them away by being sexual or hormonal.

    3. Request who they are: They know something about you. Now it's your turn to know something about them! You could ask them anything; from their favourite type of dog to how often they surf.

    Just talk to them.

    There's no limits with words, only your own thoughts.


    • hi, I noticed you live in CO, how often do you surf?

    • @blackadderreturns: I don't live in CO. I live in the UK. Sorry for the confusion. I do however surf, usually during the summer when I'm on holiday.