Confessing feelings to hook up? Help?!

Me and my family friend have been messaging sexually/flirty for 4 years, we've only just Started hooking up in the last couple of months & I'm only just realising that I've liked him for ages. Does this sound okay to send to him?

'I can't do this anymore. It's not fair on you and it's definitely not fair on me. I like you and think I have done for quite a while now, I've just been ignoring it. And I know you don't want a relationship and I don't either but I can't carry on with just having sex with you (as much as I like it) because I know you only see me as a hook up. You don't even like me right? Sorry for the loonnnggg message and for putting you in this situation, I should have handled it better.


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  • Sorry for the late reply. Did you end up sending him that? I think it would be a fair thing to write

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