Do you agree that online dating it's a waste of time for average looking guys ?

Some evidence

1. Number signifies an amount of unsolicited messages received . It was an experiment run on the site OKCupid .

: link

2.There is a competition for even the most horrendous looking women : picture : link Thread on forum : link

3. Online dating is only good for women and good looking men .


Howard Stern and his crew talking about this issue



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  • I totally agree. I should know: I've tried and failed.

    Being online puts a guy at a huge disadvantage for various reasons, which can be overcome only really if you look like a model.

    I sent so many messages, and failed. And I'm a guy who's been called at worst 'average' and 6/10, and at best 8/10, 'hot', 'good-looking', 'handsome' and even 'beautiful'. And I've got my life together and had a well-written profile. So apparently even being a guy who's good-looking to many girls, isn't good enough. You have to look like a model.

    • So you do not have much problems getting girls but still struggled online huh ? it just shows that women are insanely picky on dating sites.

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    • "girls with no self respect"? Maybe, but only those girls themselves can really know whether that's true or not. In any case, check out that final link that the Question Asker posted. Those model-type guys send very rude, charmless messages, and many of those girls send him their phone numbers and agree to meet for sex!

      I guess the advantage of being a model-type guy is not only that you can hook up very easily but that if you want to avoid girls with bad personalities, you can easily find out.

    • Yes.Why I use the term 'no self respect' is because when a guy is being disrespectful towards a girl and she is still after him,it shows she doesn't have respect for herself by letting someone being rude just because they are good looking. I saw the post and yes I have seen some girls I know who did the same.Girls like that will just end up with jerks who treat them like shit.

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  • I think online dating is a waste of time no matter what.If you(someone) are good looking,then you won't have any problem finding someone.And if you are average, then there's no better way than showing to others your good characteristics by meeting them in person.So face to face contact is the best way to meet people.No internet-social- network can make you learn people by heart.THAT'S something face expressions,conversations and actuall dates do.

    • Disagree with you. Plain Jain can obtain casual sex from hunks who would reject them it she were to hit on them in the presence of their friends .An ugly women who do not get much male attention irl wil get plenty offers from males online.

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    • Thank you Eternallylucky!

    • Nobody online gives a fuck what kind of person you are these days. It used to be that people cared, but then they invented web cams and mics, and people got fucking lazy, and instead of it being a way to connect, it simply became a way to watch other people masturbate

  • Aren't you that shallow arsehole who conducted that silly experiment about how women are stupid because they chat up handsome fellows on dating websites while not exactly looking like models?

    I guess you are.

    Now on to answering your question, I think online dating is a waste of time in general... I tried it for a couple weeks and I don't think I'm repeating it ever again.

  • Maybe it was a waste of time for you because you are a nasty human being and had nothing to do with your looks?

  • So me and my boyfriend I met on Okcupid celebrated our 2 year anniversary this Tuesday.

    • is you boyfriend good looking ? If so it would kind of prove my point. I was in no way suggesting that online dating is useless to everybody .

    • To me he's the best damn thing in the world. By society's standards he's probably a 5/10 or 6/10.

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  • I honestly feel it is only good to have a profile but not really go around messaging women. It is like you can get messaged at some point even though you're not really hoping on it. That's kinda how I do it.

    I went from super skinny to being called hot now and I don't message around on those sites now. I feel like I got more dates being super skinny compared to my physique now but the amount of hookups I have had has increased a lot.

    My overall opinion is that most of the girls are only looking for guys that can pretty much take care of them. They use code words like "successful" and "career driven" to let you know. I have met plenty of girls over the years when I was skinny and most of them complained that there were liars and such online but it's honestly the same for men. I have gotten hit with a few girls who put on many pounds from the photos they sent myself.

    Overall I get more girls who want to hook up now having worked on my physique for a long time but when it comes to a relationship, most girls I talk to online are in no position to look for one.

    First off, the amount of single mothers who carelessly had kids is alarming. One example are a girl telling me she was too lazy to take a pill the next day after having sex stoned. She was telling me this drunk on the phone(did not meet). Another girl at one of my jobs has a dating profile and would hook up and is now on her second kid and has no idea where the father of the first is.

    Secondly, Look at the lists at the bottom of a lot of these girls' profiles. Ready to vomit at the "shopping lists?" Plus they rely on their looks to get these "lists" yet have no idea how to make a man feel appreciated. Even if looks could get them what they want, they won't even succeed then, thus meaning I see them on the site years later. Too picky, no character, and many probably think just because they aren't fat, that they can get away with wanting all sorts of thing from a guy. Self-entitlement issues basically. A huge problem that a lot of women have.

    Third, most of these girls have no clue on how to take any sort of initiative when it comes to dating. The second example in the single mom area I told you about signed up to match. She was telling me how discouraged she was that she wasn't getting many messages compared to the free sites. Common sense would say try messaging a guy but I have been told outright from my last girlfriend "The guy has to message me!" She was so adamant about it. Many girls are like this in general. Look how many girls ask on this site if a girl is desperate for making a move. They feel like their dignity will end up in the toilet if they show any interest in a guy. The narcissism is a major turn off.

    Anyway, I'm done ranting. As a guy who is told he is hot though I must say that it is no guarantee to get a girl and if a girl were to message me solely on my looks that I would just see if she wanted to hook up and nothing more. Until then... I hook up off craigslist.

  • I completely agree with number 3.

    Women care about looks way too much. A lot of guys on here say rich is what women want most. It's looks, looks, looks...

    Women let these very rude stamens go and it's OK. A normal looking guy saying that is a "pervert", "creep", "assh0le", etc.

    My final thought is that women care about looks way more than guys do.

  • I don't know its popular to use dating sites these days so it has to be working for some people . it can be tough for average guys to get noticed on those sites as the girls get a lot of messages from all kinds of different guys .

    from my own experience its tough but there is a good book out there all about online dating - how to get the girlfriend dating online by Robert Bolland .

    it actually offers some good tips on how to create a good profile and what types of messages to be sending out , there is some good ideas in his book

    but no matter what for some guys unless your willing to only date below average girls there likely not going to get any dates online