What questions would you ask him/her to see if they're the compatible?

They are not direct questions. Probably if you asked this kind of questions on the first few dates, they will just get upset and walk off straight away lol.

More like a fantasy scenario, where if you could ask any question and hypothetically they have to be completely truthful and answer you, what would you ask? And why?

You can use the same questions too and provide your own rationale for using them!

Let me start the ball rolling:

1. Will you ever get bored by yourself at home?

> Trying to see if she's interesting enough to find things to do. Or independent enough not to rely on other people for fun or stuff.

2. What do you dream of doing?

> Ambitious? Motivated enough to achieve what she dreams of?

3. Do people like you on their group projects? And why?

> Hardworking? Well-liked? Has good friends?

4. How often do you lose arguments?

> Does she argue a lot in the first place? Does she reasonable? Is she a walkover?

5. Where do you see yourself 5 years down?

> Optimistic? Same life goals as you in career, relationships, etc.?


Most Helpful Girl

  • 1. What have you done with other girls? When did you do it and how many?

    - I want to know how pure he is and whether he is superficial or not

    2. What's the worse thing you have ever done?

    3. What grades do you have in your courses so far?

    4. Who do you like and what kind of girl are you looking for?

    5. Are you actively looking for a relationship?

    6. Do you pretend to care about others or are you sincere?

    7. What do you think of me? And is there anything I can do to make you like me more?


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