Deal breaker? Confusing, complicated relationship fumble. Need advice!

In a complicated 18 mo long distance relationship of texting, sex and hanging out no strings attached. See him @ 4-8 intervals. Time together always amazing. Saw him a few days ago. During 1st 4 hrs. Talked, laughed, hung out, had sex 2x (amazing). Then watched movie. It was after midnight, I drove 2 hrs to see him, we started having sex again, awesome again and then he stopped asked me to ge something out of my bag. Apparently, I sighed and rolled my eyes. I was physically exhausted and pretty tipsy. He shut down and asked me to leave. I haven't heard from him since. We have shared 1000s of texts, spent hrs together for a year and a half. How should I handle this? Need guys perspective.


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  • Send him a text. Tell him you're sorry. It wasn't his request that made you sigh. It was the surrounding factors, tired, tipsy, etc. You really don't want this to come between the two of us (you). Tell him you'll make it up to him in ways that he's even dreamed about. ;-O

    Try something like that. See where it goes.



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