Should I talk to him about my first kiss? We were both drunk at his party.

I met him at his house two days ago, I'm 18 and so is he. We both got drunk with our friends, except for one, she wanted to take care of all of us. Apparently, I was really touchy with him, kept hugging him and hanging onto him. I came back to my dorm at 5 am. My friend later told me how I was at the party since I didn't remember much, I wanted to apologize to him about hanging onto him so much but my friends convinced me that he probably doesn't remember. That night, we go to his house again, it was unexpected. We played card games and just talked normally, didn't mention the night before. Then we started taking shots again and we were both getting tipsy. My friend knowing I'll regret hanging onto him in the morning, tried to keep me away from him but he and I just kept going back to each other. It was just around 10 people at the party. He and I found ways to just hold onto each others' hands, or grab by the waist.

We were all sitting, talking to each other, still holding hands, when he moved his chin between my neck and shoulder. So I rested my head against his and out of nowhere he kissed me, lightly and then again. My friends were shocked since I hadn't had my first kiss and now with a guy I barely knew. They tried to warn me, later, we decided to spend the night. As he was going down to sleep in his bedroom, my friend told him to stay with us, and the only space available was next to me on the open sleeping bag. He came and before we knew, we were both kissing and making out, so were two of my other friends. One of my friend told him to not take advantage of me, saying he was my first kiss, while my other not-so drunk friend heard him say, so? I didn't hear it, we went to lay down at 2 but after kissing and making out, we slept at 5.30. I thought about talking to him in the morning since I didn't think we would kiss again but he woke me up by kissing me before it was 7.30. We were sober by then so we knew what we were doing, we made out a lot. He wasn't much of a cuddler, and I couldn't figure out why. I slept on his arm, while he held onto me. Half an hour before we left his house, he and I kissed for a good minute and we were still clinging onto each other.

I didn't know if I should talk to him about what happened so I didn't, we barely talked not the way to my dorm while he was dropping me and my friends off. We just hugged and that was all, didn't say anything else. Should I talk to him about what happened? My freind isn't sure if she heard him say 'so.' I feel like he's taken advantage of me and I let him, I can't stop thinking about it. What should I do? We have each others' number and I even added myself on his Skype while drunk, he knew about it. His contact photo is of me and him. He invited me to his party which is in a week but that was before we kissed, I'm not so sure anymore. Please help...

We haven't exactly texted each other or kept in touch.


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  • He likes you! It is blatently obvious. He kissed you when you were no longer drunk, he invited you to a party before you guys kissed, and the Skype thing... please... he's into you. text him something flirty... see how he responds

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