Why would he avoid me if he knows I won't bother him?

Call me insane, but I just cannot get over this man no matter how much I try! It's been a year since I met him on this dating website and he blew me away. He seemed so nice and fun. We got along really well and talked everyday for a month before meeting up. Anyway, fast forward he asked me out on a second date (he also kept messaging me) and it never happened since he'd ask me out over and over again only to cancel on me. After a month and a half of this game, I told him there was no point in speaking anymore and wished him the best (after all, I waited almost two months for a date that never materialized).

About two months later, I sent him an apology email as I thought I was a bit harsh on him (before I cut him off, he swore he wanted to see me bla bla). However, he never responded to that mail.

Ever since, every single time he sees me online on that website, he logs off instantly even though he's aware I'm not going to bother him since he didn't respond to my last email. I haven't contacted him since July but he keeps "avoiding" me. If he happens to bump onto my profile by mistake, he logs off immediately. Odd thing is that he did not block me.

Why is he avoiding me like this? I'm not some kind of stalker but I still like him secretly.


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  • either he is embarassed and trying to avoid you maybe he thinks you are going to try and message him, even though you told him off.

    Or you really hurt his ego.

    But I don't blame you for telling him off he shouldn't of kept on asking you out and cancelling on you.

    • I'm the one who told him off and clearly as I never heard from him again despite my apology, I'm not insane enough to message him. Now, he could have just block me but he didn't and I don't even visit his profile.