Hot and cold dating making me crazy?

iv been dating a guy who has been persuing me pretty keenly for a month and a half. he seemed pretty interested and we have been on lots of full on dates. we have not done anything sexual yet and the last week I could tell he was getting a bit annoyed. one night in car a week ago he made a move I rejected he got a little cut he was very frustrated he didn't speak to me the next day but then he got ovrr it and things went back to normal. the same thing happened Valentine's day we had fight over sex I maturely said maybe we shouldn't speak for a while I'm not right for you he got angry at me saying that and said don't e immature. now he hasn't spoken to me all sat and sat night and its sun morning. he has opened my snap chats though. why is he being like this? is he never going to speak to me now?


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  • have you set a time when you want to have sex with him? or is he in the dark about what you want?

    That way if you explain to him you need to date him a little while ( a month and a half is a pretty long time)for a lot of guys to wait, before having sex maybe he would understand.

    Unless you are a virgin and are waiting for marriage and if you are then I hope you have told him that.

    • also can you do other things sexual with him but not sex with him so he is satisfied

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    • OK so you have told him you need to be comfortable with him. That is understandable. But a guy will only wait for so long, even if he is understanding in the beginning. You might need to think of a timeline in which to deal with, say another month or two or whatever, because if you are not feeling comfortable with him after 3 months of dating you might want to reconsider dating him.

    • no he made the assumption I wasn't comfortable. I am its just I don't want to do anything sexual yet. I tried to tell him this countless time and be mature about it that maybe I can't give him what he needs so maybe we are incompatible and he kept disagreeing and kept perssuing me. so I don't get why he is now being stroppy and basically giving me silent treatment. he either has no intention of speaking to me is over it or is trying to make me miss him that ill go crawling back and do what he wants

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  • I think he is taking it too seriously but maybe he also thinks that he deserves a "reward" cause he really wanted to date you. Give him some time and I don't think things will end that badly but I also give you huge props for saying no. Don't stress too much about it he is the one being immature about it.

    • yea it almost feels like he expects it now. but I made it very clear many times I am not interested in doing anything yet its like he keeps thinking if he is really full on amazing to me it will change my mind and he keeps being frustrated when it doesn't. because it has nothing to do with him its do with me just not wanting it yet. I keep telling him this and its like he isn't listening

    • If he doesn't respect your desicion I think you should just stop because you want to date someone that can both make you happy and respect that you aren't ready for the next step quite yet. Especially if he isn't listening to you when you say you aren't ready that isn't a good sign. It might be wise to end the relationship now for your sake cause you never know how guys can act when they want something and you could get hurt (not saying every guy is like that or that even he is) just be careful

  • Sorry to say but seems to me like he just wants sex, if he really liked you he wouldn't mind waiting a little longer for you to be sure of the relationship. To me a month and a half is way to soon to have sex, because after he gets some some he might just bail. (Not saying he will) but if I were you I would want to be sure he's feelings were sincere.

    • yea that is what I believe as well. it feels like he has basically bailed now anyway but just isn't making it clear incase he changes his mind and wants to talk to me or catch up again. I made it clear though the whole time I did not want sex yet, if that is what he was after wouldn't it be easier to just persue someone else, he isn't a bad catch.

    • I agree don't be one of those easy girl that give it away after a month. If he sticks around after this then you know he is willing to wait and get to know you better.