Is this guy still interested? What should I do?

I met a great guy online in mid Jan and we've been on two dates which both went great. We stayed in contact during the week but over time his contact became less but was enthusiastic in his response to my text. Now it’s me in the boat rowing and he’s just going along for the ride.

Recently he stopped contact for a solid week. Now I know he is under major pressure so I left him to it. Later I sent him a text and he acted overjoyed to hear from me, thanking me for being there for him and telling me how much he appreciated me with terms of endearment and all like there was nothing wrong with us. After that I just decided to let him be and it has been a week again and I have not heard a thing.

I am too embarrassed to text him again. I don’t get it. If he really is as happy with me as he seems why is he just not talking to me anymore? I am tired of rowing. I put down my oars and he has yet to start the boat moving again. What do I do? Should I play his game and pick up the oars and swallow my pride to be supportive of him or just let him go? I also noticed that his hidden profile showed up active again. Should I let him hang there while start to date other people?


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  • Try one more time, for the sake of assurance and experiment, if he talks that's good, but not enough due to the fact you guys know each other for quite some time now. I would expect him to ask you out, if he doesn't within basically this week, move on, there is no hope for him.


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