Is it too much too assume an interested man would ask you on a date weekly?

I went on a date with a man 10 years my senior, he took me to the beach, we watched the sunset drinking wine, I got the impression he was trying to get me drunk, kept pouring me more when I said I'd had enough, we kissed and I went home. I didn't hear from him the next week, so I wrote to him, 6 days after our date, our communication was through Facebook. Anyway we talked the convo got hot and steamy. The next night I implied we should meet up, this was about 10pm, he saw my message but didn't write back until 2am with a 'would have been nice' and 'Youve been racing through my mind all day'. I wrote back the next morning suggesting this isn't going to work. Our interest levels were clearly not on the same page. I would have thought I'd have heard from him more or a date would have been organized the next weekend. Am I expecting too much?


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  • I don't think it is, I get that people can be busy sometimes... but I don't think it's unrealistic to want someone you're seeing to spend time with you.

  • It seems like you haven't been out with him that many times. Was getting drunk on the beach a 1st date?

    Anyway, it doesn't look like you're dating, you've just been out once or twice. Even if he likes you, he doesn't know you well enough to make you a priority yet. Give it time and don't jump to conclusions so fast.


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