Guy doesn't want a relationship but acts like my bf?

So after getting out of a relationship I was in the "i don't want a relationship right now" stage. My guy friend was also in the "i don't want a relationship right now" stage since he knows he isn't mature enough for a relationship. However after months, we ended up liking each other and we act like boyfriend and gf.

We have talked and we agree that we don't really want a relationship right now because it feels like its more pressure. But as time goes by I don't see how it would be more pressure since we are unofficially boyfriend and girlfriend. He can't stand the idea of me being with another guy but I don't know if the idea of "losing me" is a motive for him to want a relationship. At this point, I'm not against having a relationship as much as him since we do spend so much time together.

I just want to know, when do guys come around? or will he even come around?

he did ask me out once but I said no because I told him that it felt like he was saying that because he thinks that's what I want. and I guess I do, but I want him to want it too.


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  • Well it's a critical point. You could ask him to be your boyfriend and if he doesn't and a relationship is what you want, then make clear to him that you will look elsewhere. It's difficult and some don't like titles and terms of boyfriend and girlfriend or husband and wife but if it's making you unhappy then all you can do is ask and if disappointed, move on.


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