The best way to get over someone?

I can't get over a guy I messed things up with by refusing to date him, I thought time would work but he's been with his girlfriend around a year and a half now and it still hurts when I see stuff on my social network about them going on holiday in a few months etc. I've dated two guys since but they didn't compare, what can I do? :(


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  • I'm going to give you some invaluable advice, delete him entirely. To be honest, I'm not sure why he hasn't just taken you off his Facebook or whatever if he so happy with his new girlfriend. Some people do get a bit of a kick out of putting pictures up on Facebook so I wouldn't presume everything is as rosy with the two of them as they are making out. But they have been together a long time now. You will find someone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE delete before you drive yourself further into the ground. All you are doing is allowing it to hurt, every time you start to heal, another picture will go up and you will go back to square one. Remove him from your mind and your memory, whatever you have to do. I know it is tempting, but what need have you got to see him on there. Do you still talk? Are you friends in real life.

    You haven't done anything wrong, it just wasn't meant to be. Your time will come.

    Move on, move up and start healing.

    • Thankyou, I appreciate the advise, my mates have all said the exact same thing. Countless times I have gone to delete him bu then as it said 'confirm' I couldn't. It's hard as I've never liked anyone as much as him. The only reason I kept turning down dates was because I had not long since come out of a long term violent relationship and my head was a mess, I felt he was out of my league, he didn't know this. We don't still talk no, I said happy Christmas and he replied saying it back, I left it

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  • Answer is to not make that stupid mistake again , if a guy asks you out and you refuse then bye, bye. He will then ask some other woman out because us guys can talk to 100 girls daily , can you talk to 100 guys daily = NO ;)

    • I agree with the first bit but the last bit is wrong. its much easier for women to get a guy than the other way around. Guys ask me out ALL of the time but I'm very picky. I know not to make the same mistake again but I don't know how to get over him

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    • WTF? He doesn't know any of my mates? And I know I have to get over him, what I'm asking is HOW?!

    • Date someone else and live in the Now , not the past ;)

  • Bahaha believe me, Don't listen to anythin they say on here but try to get him back. Its not too late and don't care about her girl cos if you do you are not caring about yourself lol.


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  • I'm in the same damn situation. He started dating the girl a month after I started to ignore himZ two year later and he lives with his girlfriend. He always brags about her, but he talks about how he never going to marry her

    I'm almost over it. I don't know maybe you want him because you can't have him now

    • he says he's never going to marry her? so two years and you're still not over him? my friends say I should be over him by now as its been over a year but I'm not, it hurts still. I don't think its a case of me wanting what I can't have, I wanted him then but I felt he was too good for me :(

    • That's what I overhear him saying to people

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