I went on a 1st date?

I went roller skating with some one and I thought it was going well. She was touching my arm and stuff. And after went to my car and showed her my hockey stick and stuff. I felt like she wanted me to touch her . She wanted me to show her how to hold a hockey stick But I tried to kiss her and she turned quickly. I told her guess not lol? I gave her a hug and said nice meeting you. Good call? Just wasn't interested? Will I hear from her again?


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  • You should've persisted. Just because a girl turned doesn't mean she's not interested. Could be she's just not ready. It's the first date what do you expect? Gauge her interest and try again on the third date. Just don't call it a date.

    • i thought it went well. But online dating sucks. And I see her right back on the site. So what's the point?

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    • well ty. She said she had fun and gonna go out again Sat. She wants to take it slow. Is it a good sign that she touched me 1st date? I said look forward to seeing you again. She said likewise. Do I have a live one here? just don't know when to try a kiss again after she didn't want it lol

    • She likes you dude. Just be cool, stay cool and let her show you the way. Don't say or do anything funny but be ready to seal the deal when she's ready. Hope it works out if you haven't already.