How do I know if she wants to date?

We text all the time. We cuddle and hold hands. Tells me she enjoys spending time with me.

I asked her out and she's like I will come over. Spent 4 hours cuddling and talking last nite. How often should I text her?


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  • It sounds like she does want to date. Send her a text or call her saying she's a great person and you'd love to get to know her better. Follow that up by asking if she'd care to join you for drinks on the weekend.


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  • Sounds like she does. But if you want to be with her, you won't really know unless you really ask her out.

    • As often as you want. I'm not sure how this girl is, but I personally like contact with my boyfriend and it bothers me a bit if I hardly get to talk to him. But that's just me.

      I take it the two of you are together? Or not really?

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  • Is this a joke? Sounds like you're already dating.