Cooking dinner for the second date, need help?

Oke so I haven't been in the dating scene for a while.

I met him on Tinder, we spent a lovely night last Thursday. He's 26, very succesfull, handsome as hell and is very charming.

I'm 21 just fyi.

And he has a lot going on atm, starting a new business and his parents going through a devorce.

So we planned that he is coming by Friday and that I'm making him dinner. And just spend a nice night together and take his mind of things.

Any tips please? From food suggestions to how to set a mood?

He's been the first guy I liked after a very unhealthy relationship and I would like to impress him ^^

Thanks so much


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  • Men aren't that picky. We love homecooked meals. Don't worry about making something fancy, just make sure that what you make is good. Simple is best because its difficult to mess it up.

    Roast chicken is foolproof as long as you keep your eye on the timer, and everybody likes it. Serve it with red potatoes and a green vegetable, and you're good to go.

    I don't know a single thing about wine, but you should make him a drink to have before dinner because he'll want something for after work. You can't go wrong with an Old Fashioned--in a small glass, put 1/2 a teaspoon of white sugar, a dash of bitters, one teaspoon of water, mix that up, then add 2 shots of Jack or rye and some ice, then give it a couple stirs. Its an easy but also macho drink.

    If you really want to impress him wear a short black dress. He'll like that.


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  • It would really help to know what this guy is like. so here is what I would guess

    If he looks like a guy who is in shape or works out, try to stay kind of healthy with chicken and fish, and maybe stir-frye as a side, any guy that is into eating healthy would LOVE to see that a girl can cook healthy too.

    Other than that if I were you I would just make something that you KNOW you are good at making lol. there is no reason to take a chance on something you aren't sure even tastes good!

  • i'm debating, wondering if the site Tinder is worth using, but what's holding me back is I would imagine there are more guys on there than there are girls and I bet too many fake women profiles

    • Tinder is great. Eventhough this guys didn't work out for me. (Turns out he just wanted sex) I've got a shitload of dates through there

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    • No it's free and it works through Facebook although it doesn't like pop up there etc .

    • oh nice great to hear!

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