Online dating when you're dating another person?

my boyfriend was talking to other girls on an online dating website. I told him to delete it or we are done. He did. He is serious about us if he did that right? I mean maybe I'm a crazy b**** but I don't know many people that would allow their significant other to still be on a dating website months into a relationship.


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  • I guess it's a good sign that he deleted it. I don't know if I'd say that means he's serious about you two though. How long have you been together? The fact that he was doing that in the first place is a red flag, as it's a form of emotional cheating. Do you feel you can fully trust him now that you caught him doing that? You're definitely not crazy to be bothered by it.

    • 8 months we've been together. Said he was using it to meet friends but there was some other arguments that lead up to this, and told him it needed to go if he was serious about me. I do feel like I can trust him more, but it will take time.

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  • If he's your boyfriend then the fact that he doesn't have the common sense to not go around on a site talking to other girls is really off. Him needing you to tell him that is a bad sign and I would not be surprised if he's on that site behind your back. I don't understand people who have dating profiles yet are in a relationship and I think it's stupid that okcupid even has other "dating statuses." It should be for single people only really.

  • Is he serious? He was looking for, or flirting with, other women online while dating you. How serious can he be? You might be right in wondering if he has another account, or if he is flirting in real life. There is something not right here...


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