Guy from a web site, help me ASAP

Hi, well I meet this guy only we have been "dating" for a month,like say I'm his girlfriend and stuff we talk everyday and we have plans to see each other this weekend.but on the weekend he is always we family and stuff so we can't Skype for any reason,like a week ago I freak out,cuz well I have to be careful,so he sent me his ID in a picture and said stuff like I have been tell you everything about me and my family I really like you please don't walk away and stuff.yesterday he disappear around 9ish and today he haven't txt me back either,just when we say we were gonna do Skype,idk what to think I really really like him,and I don't think he is lying,another thing we never talk by phone,so is OK if I call him,since he doesn't retun my txt since last nite? Pls help me,I have everything pack for out first meeting we are going skiing.and I don't know what to do.


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  • Back out of the skiing if it's a weekend thing. Your first meeting should be someplace chill where the two of you can meet and greet. Not talking on the phone is weird. The skyping thing... maybe there's only one computer in the house and he doesn't want his parents nosing around and asking him about who he's skyping. I have one computer here at my parents so I know the feeling. But you should have talked on the phone at least...

    So yeah, just make the meeting a quick one. He should also have other photos of himself available. if that ID is all you have then ask for more... but keep an open mind because I'm not a camera guy either lol. I don't have any photos of myself since 2 or 3 years ago and my ex has all of them so...

  • Always get some sorta verification before meet up never trust just a picture, Skype is not an excuse if he can't afford a webcam which is built in most computers they are only like $20 tops.

    If he can afford skiing I bet he's got a camera.

    Start backing out sounds like bad idea.


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