Ever meet someone who has all your lookng for but not for u?

I have a small lists of my dream guy..gud job..certain look..goals etc.and so on.

I met this guy who has it all..and yet..nothing.no butterflies or desire to be with him at all! He expressed he wants to b with me..do you keep trying hoping it will come? Have you ever found all that you wanted and yet its not what you want?


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  • Someone*



    But to answer your question, I think you should leave him alone. If you don't feel it now, you won't feel it later.

    • I think ur..youre :) right.. lol

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    • Your right..its his dry personality..blahhhh..I friend requested u..im from ny too..now in dc ..thanx for the advice!

    • Yeah, You need some BAMMMMM SPICEEEE in a relationship lol.