Please help with what a first kiss is like?

I've had like a long peck, but not an actual kiss. Nearly every girl I know has gone further then a kiss out of a relationship... But I don't want togo that far.. I'm talking to this boy at the moment, and he is an experienced kisser. I haven't had a proper relationship, I went out with a guy for 2 months when I was 13. Aha! I turned 16 2 months ago. Advice?!:)


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  • Haha thinking back these times make me giggle.

    I would say just go with it don't rush it. When it happens it happens.

    My very first kiss I was 15. My boyfriend had said you have an eyelash in your eye..and he said to close my eyes so he could brush it away for me and he then kissed me. I was so surprised and just felt really dumb for falling for it...I am a blonde. Haha but it was cute. Wasnt awkward just cute and silly.

    My second kiss I had when I was 19 and the guy kept leaning in towards me just so our lips would barely touch and then he would pull away and then eventually he kissed me. I was really into this guy and I have never loved some one so much. This kiss gave me tingles all over my body. I experienced true love with this guy.

    And then the guy I am with now we meant a few months ago and he wanted me to snuggle with him and I said no I was just playing and then he eventually kissed me.

    • That's an amazing first kiss!

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