Did I blow my chances with him by acting stupid?

I met this boy recently, he's a friend of a friend of a friend.

At first I didn't think he was single, so I just let my "true self" shine through and acted really dumb. (I'm actually not, I'm just too carefree to censor myself) like I said some dumb things etc but he's super super super smart and all that

We played a drinking game and he called me to drink about 70% of the time, though, is this showing interest?

I don't know when I'll see him again and it's driving me crazy because I can't stop thinking of him. I didn't flirt with him at all that time because I thought he had a girlfriend ugh so I wasn't able to communicate I liked him in any way


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  • He might have found the way you acted cute. I consider myself smarter than average and while I prefer a woman who can keep up intellectually, anything less isn't a turn off. Sometimes the quirky behavior is adorable to me. It's only if and when we start talking that it can be a turn off, but you have to be real ditsy for that.

    Anyways I always call on girls I like when playing drinking games, especially circle of death. I won't if I'm trying not to make it too obvious, but I will always go back to that same person. It caused a lot of issues when my friend's girlfriend kept calling on me one night, but that's a different story.

    Just flirt with him! Unless he says "I have a girlfriend" then it's fair game. Unless you find out he does have one and lied about it, then that's a red flag.

  • If you're playing a drinking game and he is constantly trying to make you drink then I would say that most likely that is a sign of interest. And you should be able to be your true self around him. Otherwise he's not getting to know you, but who you're pretending to be. And that will eventually fade into who you really are, so it's better to just be you now so that that's who he likes.


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