Do you play the field or put all your eggs on one basket?

by that I mean do you look to try and focus on one girl or try to get to know many women? for me I don't put all my eggs in one basket anymore its not worth it since all my relationships have failed because I've never been good enough for any girl so far to want to stay with me. try to be friends with as many women as I can if any thing besides that happens, so be it. more choices is better in my mind. if and when that one woman comes in my life who I think may be "the one" cheesy as that sounds then il give up playing the field. same goes for girls, except substitute girls for guys :P


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  • Do you play the field or put all your eggs on one basket?
    I play the field as I find for gals generally relationships are a pretty sh*t deal:
    - her concerns/complaints are dismissed or belittled as nagging
    - she generally can't trust him to do his share
    - communication is cowsh*t as I find guys don't really listen or hear gals instead tell gals what gals think, feel, and want
    - companionship is bullsh*t as I find guys tend to prefer bonding with their male friends over their female partners
    - sex is just a sh*thole with the orgasm gap I recall a study stating gals get less than 1/2 as many orgasms as guys in relationships. Then add in how it seems she's basically a masturbatory tool for his use otherwise she's withholding/using sex as a weapon/denying him if she dares to not want to have sex with him when she isn't emotionally connected to him or desiring it.

    I don't really believe in the whole 'the one' bit as it seems mathematically illogical considering attraction, compatibility, and sexuality factors. So with that in my I see no reason to put my eggs in one basket as they'll likely rot there when I can likely have way more fun playing the field.

    • well there's more to relationships than just sex. not all guys are douches either like you're basically implying

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    • I didn't hang myself with my words. Especially as you lied about what I said and haven't shown any support that I'm bias... o. O

      How can I hang myself with words I never said... LMFAO

    • "I see no benefit for me in a relationship so i opt out"
      Now there's a philosophy to dream of.

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  • Neither really.
    Playing the field seems so sleazy to me! It's just not cool and slightly dishonorable depending on how far you go to be leading several people on at once, in my opinion.
    I'm not really a huge dater! I pretty much just live my life, focus on school, dancing, modeling, and try to collect opportunities. Then when a guy I like comes along, I focus on him and only him. Romance requires a lot of time and effort and havng one with multiple people at once can feel more like a game and less like a genuine experience. So I prefer dating one guy at once and because there's so much going on in my life outside of dating, I don't really perceive it as "putting all my eggs in one basket"

  • I play the field unless I find someone that makes me uninterested in other people.


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  • I use to put all my eggs in one basket. I took to one girl and she was the only one. But now that I'm older and much wiser I'm able to take the hint quickly and I would never invest my time in a girl wanting to play games. If she's not into me I'm going for her friend next.

  • I used to put all my eggs in one basket but then I wisened up. Noone has just one stock in their portfolio, you gotta have multiple investments in case one goes south on you. I think the same approach applies with girls.