What should I say when he texts me back?

He is absolutely without a doubt playing games with me over text. We are 30!

There is no doubt about it that it's all a game. He was not always like this, either.

What he's been doing is ignoring me until the next day and acting like nothing is amiss. We will get to talking and he will just drop off the face of the earth until the next day, around 24 hours later I'll get a response.

I was just talking about something heavy with him (my mother had a recent health issue) and I know he will ask me a question tomorrow evening.

It pisses me off so much. It's all a game. And so far I've just been answering him, not taking forever like him or anything.

Should I just tell him I am not even going to bother answering him because I don't think he actually cares? Or tell him he's giving me the vibe he doesn't want to talk and he shouldn't feel he has to? (I know that's not true though)

He is so predictable. One thing I bet he doesn't realize is I will drop him so fast and never look back if I need to. He's abusing my kindness amidst his little game he's playing.

I've tried not texting him as it has been suggested to me, and he always comes around, then disappears when he knows he's still "got" me.


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  • Electronic communication may have gotten the bulk of its infrastructure from the concern that the Russians were going to fire and we would need to know on the double, but since then it has largely ended up being a tool to keep people shackled ahem I mean "more productive" *cough* *cough* so that they can respond to the whims and needs of their employers. Even on Saturday. I make it a point to check these communications only once every two weeks, and if it all possible, make myself completely unreachable except for those with the energy to actually dial my number. They all seem to remember this last step when their computers need fixing, so I know they can do it.

    So how does this relate to your question?

    It relates, just like about any other possibility, because at the end of the day you really don't know. You might think you know, but your question has not revealed any information to suggest that you actually do (although you can add your gameplaying evidence in an update or a comment later, I suppose). The guy might be jerking your chain. He might also wish he could toss his phone into the river.

    My advice is simple. C.A.L.L. H.I.M.


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  • 'You'll drop him so fast and never look back'?

    Really? You're on an internet forum griping about it instead of doung something, somehow I doubt he's in much danger of getting dropped.

    • Why do you think that? Griping means someone doesn't get dropped as a friend? I'd say that is the first indication it's going to happen. But this is besides the point.

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  • I know how you feel.. I'm in a similar situation. not the same but just similar. Honestly, I don't think he's playing a game. I don't think his actions are intentional but I do think that he has something else in his life that is distracting him. You have a place on the stove but only on the back burner.. if you get what I'm saying. It could be that he has another woman in his life, it could be that he has his own issues, or that he he just an inconsiderate narcissistic douche. I know that's what my guy was.. He would wanna text and talk to me all throughout the day but then when I would ask to see him he ALWAYS had plans or he would just ignore me when I asked.. . I would only see him twice a month..

    So anyway, the fact that he would just stop responding to you when you are confiding in him about your mother .. that just speaks volumes.. You have to look at a man's actions not his words. Just like with my guy.. he would sit there telling me how special I am and how he sees a long term future with me blah blah... but no actions to back it up.. And he's 40 years old.. I've come to the conclusion that men at any age.. just suck! lol

    I confronted my guy yesterday about his actions or lack of.. and he couldn't tell me anything to comfort me.. I put him on the spot and he told me that dating just isn't a priority to him but that he isn't interested in anyone else. I believe him.. but that doesn't work for me.

    I suggest you confront him in a non attacking kind of way. Tell him.. listen, I've noticed a common theme in your behavior.. what's up with that?