Second time we are hanging out. I NEED to kiss her this time before she loses interest?

This girl I've been talking to for a while has been really busy. We've only actually hung out once, but it was obvious that she wanted me to kiss her. We are supposed to see a movie this Friday, but she texted me today and invited me to come shopping with her for something about her friend. It's also her birthday today! Is it a coincidence that she wants to see me today? I can tell that I have her interest right now, but if I don't act tonight I might get friend zoned. How do I go about trying to kiss her tonight? I was thinking of waiting until the end and saying "I had fun tonight" or something simple and going for it. I know she is interested currently and I absolutely have to kiss her tonight? How should I go about my night?


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  • I think you have it pretty much mapped out pal, you should kiss her especially since it's her bday :) Go with her and surprise her by treating her to ice cream as a bday treat. That will make a girl feel good even if it wasn't from a guy she was crushing on! If you don't feel comfortable kissing her by all means don't, but if you want to do not let nervousness hold you back! Just say "Happy Birthday [insert name]" And plant a kiss on her :)


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