Women, I need help with how to handle these two girls!

So these may be a bit premature but I'd rather have the right plan rather than stumble into a problem down the line. I would like to figure out how to handle getting to know/ casually dating these two.

Girl A: met a couple months ago. Lives in my town. Hung out casually a couple times - as a group and just us. I think we both have fun together those times. I am definitely interested in her and she's seemed the same when we hang out. Planning on getting together later this week for a drink. However, couple things as I've texted her to get together. First, she sometimes doesn't reply, but has said she "is terrible with texting" when I asked if that was a hint of her interest. Second, she is often busy between school and a couple jobs so is she even available to date?

Girl B: met last weekend at a party/bar. Danced, drunk kissing. She's a friend of a friend and our mutual friend says she's pretty cool, nice, etc. She definitely seems interested. However she does not live here. She may be moving here in a few months depending on results of some job interviews. My concerns are she might not end up here and I just don't know her enough yet to know if we get along as well.

I admittedly lack some confidence dating due to a history of bad luck resulting in only a date or two before moves, busy-ness, etc end things. I am not in a hurry to dive into something really serious but would like to find one girl to date and have some commitment to. I have no delusions of dating multiple girls long term so would end anything with the other once I know I like one more and it would work out.

So I would just like some advice. Is it OK to date both casually for now or should I just pick one? If I am seeing both should I let them know I'm seeing other girls? Any other things I should know or do?

Sorry for the text wall. Thanks for any help.


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  • Being you Seem interested in both girls, and are even "lip locking" with the One anyway, you act as though you are Not entirely Prepared to commit to any One girl right now. No matter how the alphabet letters may line up. Which okay, there is nothing wrong with this. No strings, no one gets hurt. So play the field, my friend. Today, that is many times the "IN" thing to do. Just because you are dating even a hundred girls all at once, you could be "into" every one of them, and still be able to leave them the next morning free as a bird, and---guilt free. Many of today's guys don't want a Real relationship unless they are ready for one. So without even sounding "premature", you your Behaving Mature for future planning.

    However, in "playing the field of flowers,' just be careful No one you are Playing with Does ends up "taking a nose dive." At this stage of your "date mate" time, I am referring to Not letting One or the other find out about what game you're playing. They might not be too "hep and heated" on you "multitasking". It's a territorial thing with many girls. Believe me.

    The way I see it though, is when Girl B leaves in a few months, which may or may not be guaranteed, this will leave you with Girl A for the time being, who lives in your town, and would most definitely be a better short stop chance of hanging out, possibly a potential Girl C-------Commitment.

    Just because she is a "terrible texter" or even Busy with other things, doesn't mean she won't---or Can't---find time to go out with you. I know this type of guy, I have been involved with the "Busiest of beavers,' and either I have to go with the flow of things, or move on down the water and hook up with another bushy, not so busy boy. And if she does happen to continue to string you along with her "steadfast schedule," then just continue the "mating call of the wild."

    You're Single and carefree. Casually "flirt both skirt," and don't make any promises. You appear to have The confidence, And I don't blame you in the least for not wanting the---commitment...Not right now anyways.xx


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