Guys that don't move beyond text messages.

I don't know what the hell is wrong with the guys where I live. They take the initiative to text and talk, they say we should meet up and then they bail. Its kind of like, they are just interested in getting you interested and then they bail. They don't show up, they stop texting. I would understand if they had had sex with me and didn't find me interesting any more. But why on earth do you guys bail when I'm being approachable. Am I supposed to be a bigger bitch and not answer the stupid texts? Physically I'm slightly above average. I smile and flirt. I have friends and decent social skills but if there is something that irks me is guys showing interest only to drop you in a second. No logical reason or explanation or anything. I lost faith in ever having a descent relationship and saving myself for someone special. I think it simply may be better if I go slutting around and not expecting Jack shit from men, EVER!

Example of typical dating in Bogota Colombia after chatting and meeting in person:

Him: Hello! It was great talking to you! We should meet up some time and play golf together (we both play golf). I hope you returned well home.

Me: Thank you. I agree it'd be great to play some time.

Him: Guess where I am at?

Me: Where?

Him: At your golf club.

Me: Awesome. Wish I could be there too. Unfortunately, I'm at work (Its Friday 1pm).

Him: Sorry.

Me: I'm at my golf club, mind to join me?
Him: 8 hours later Sorry couldn't be there I was with my family the whole day. How about tomorrow.

Me: Tomorrow sounds great.

Tomorrow comes... I don't see him, he doesn't call or text or Jack shit. I'm tired of assholes like this.


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  • Was this on a dating site?

    Either he lied about what he looks like, or he is married and chickened out. Or he just wants to have sex. A lot of those guys are their just to get laid.

    • I'd appreciate it if he at least came to the point of having sex. No, not even that. We met in person at a social event it wasn't online dating and he initiated and showed interest in me.

    • There is something up with him. I would either not waste my time with him. Look for different prospects and act distance towards him. When he asks you "what's up? Why are you being that way?" That is your moment to strike and tell him what's up. If he doesn't ask you, he doesn't care. Move on.

    • Thank you :)

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