How not to feel needy if you just want to say "have a wonderful day" to a guy?

OK I have a real problem about coming across as needy especially initiating contact with a guy either through text or calling.

We have been seeing each other for 6 months now and since the beginning he has done most of the calling/texting.

I want to start initiating myself just things like "hope you are having a great day," things like that.

And not doing it everyday but maybe once every other day..

Does this sound too needy guys?


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  • Actually that sounds really nice, I wouldn't think you were needy at all. My ex and I texted each other things like that practically every day (when we were dating of course) and usually it just made me smile. try to mix the messages up though so that each one feels unique :)


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  • Say it from the bottom of your heart.

    Say it with an undeniable genuineness.

    If he misinterprets it, or thinks you are needy, then it's his fault.

    If a woman told me that and she meant it with all of her being, it would literally carry me through the day.

  • There's nothing needy about showing a guy you like you're thinking of him. If he does see that as needy, it's time to start looking for a new guy.


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  • It does sound needy, it sounds like your interested in him, that's all. Just don't do it every day, 3 times a week should suffice.

    • you say it DOES sound needy? OK three times a week I can do that. Thanks

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