Male friend always drunk calls/messages?

What does it mean when a male friend always messages you or calls you when he's drunk? One of my good male friends will ALWAYS call me or message me when I am not with him when he's drinking.. I'll ask what he calls for, and he says he doesn't remember... But when he texts or messages it's usually about something that happened and he's telling me how he feels..


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  • I'm sure he has some latent sexual impulse for you... if he's with friends. If he's by himself when he does that stuff then he's just lonely and looking for someone to talk to


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  • Maybe he likes you. Or maybe he is just drunk.

    I wouldn't think about it.

    why waste my time thinking about a guy who is getting drunk and then texting you instead of texting you when he's sober?

    Sounds like the guy has some growing up to do.

    • We text all the time when he is sober, too.

    • Well, then he feels comfortable with you. You're his friend, and he trusts you. Is he texting you anything different from when he's drunk to not drunk?