Girls, would you ever date a university student?

So I met this girl I had a very brief relationship with in high school and we sorta clicked but I´m at uni with over two years ahead of me and she is already working and making her own money.

Could this ever work, would you date me, like I can hold my own and I could pay for dates but I can´t invite her to expensive holidays etc.

Thanks so much ladies!


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  • I'm a university student as well so I would of course date another university student - I am!

    And I'm sure she understands how money works - seeing as she is working herself. She just is paying for her own bills. I'm sure she understands how you have to pay for school and would respect that. Expensive things aren't as important to most women as men think they are.

    The only thing that may be an issue is that you two are at different points in your lives - her in the working world and you in school. Other than that I don't see an issue.


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  • If there was long term potential and he had enough money to go on dates and to take me out - I would not mind a university student. Also if he was willing to stay committed to me after graduating and I was more than 90% certain of that - I'd date him with no money or job.

  • Yes I would because I'm also a university student haha =p


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