Did I miss my chance? Will there be another?

Or should I accept that she's just a friend for the foreseeable future? I am a student living hours away from my home town. While on winter break I had a chance encounter with a woman that I had briefly known in High School (my family was at her parent's for drinks). A couple days later she messaged me and asked to hang out, we got coffee a week later. There was a connection and before break came to an end we went out for drinks. Neither time did I really make a move, and the only physical contact to speak of was a hug after drinks. Afterward I returned to school and she went back to another distant city, we kept in contact and agreed to hang out over a weekend we were both back in town. That weekend came and we went out for drinks again, this time I kept wanting to make a move, but my general lack of confidence prevented me. After the bar, we went to an apartment nearby where her family was and we continued having fun. Finally when the night came to an end and I drove her home she left with a hug, my lack of confidence again preventing me from making the move I wanted to. It's been about 2 weeks, and we've talked more than before. However, she's called me "my friend" and my increased level of attraction has left me worse off than before. Please don't give me blind words of encouragement, if the truth is harsh I want to hear it. If you want more details please message me. And thank you for reading all of this.


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  • She probably doesn't think you like her like that since you never tried to make a move. Tell her now how you feel or it's never


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