Can you call it a real relationship if you haven't seen each other in person yet?

There is this guy that I met online a year ago. He is very nice and we talk every night. He is a very sweet person and he is smart too. We Skype and we talk on fb everyday. We talk about our lives, religion, politics, about our families and just about everything. A few months ago he told me that he loves me, I feel the same for him. he makes me happy, just a simple text message lightens up my day and his smile is just so cute. We are planning on meeting each other some time this year. It isn't easy for us because we are from different countries. My sister is skeptical about my relationship to him but my mom is totally fine with it. He said that his sister is also skeptical. I now this is very normal because our sisters are just concerned. I know that you shouldn't really trust someone you just met online because a lot of people are fakes over the internet but I'm sure he's not. I know that I love him and he loves me, I've never had a relationship like this and I don't know if I can call it real, but my heart is telling me that this is real. I have never felt this way before towards other guys. I know the risks I'm taking, he might not be the guy that I thought he was, he could be a killer or a rapist or someone who uses illegal drugs, someone who beats people or someone who smells. I have already think about all the possibilities but I really want to meet him. I want to see him and maybe make our relationship real in the eys of other people. Some people just don't understand what I feel right now But I ddon't care. I love him and I'll go for it.


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  • i know what you are feeling , you feel like you are strongly connected to someone in the other side of the world , you share every day's experiences together , and you talk non stop, your one hour Skype conversation , is the best thing you have ever done in your life, simply it is love , go for it honey , it is true as long as feelings are true , there can be couples who live with each under the same roof , but their feelings are not true , there are people who are using their partners , and people who are cheating on their partners , so what is fuckin wrong with your relationship , it is okay dear , as long as you will sooner or later meet in real life , I have been there , and it was the strongestrelationship I have ever had , it was so freaken sweet too , go for it :D


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  • I have a real relationship with a woman whom lives hundreds of miles away from me: we talk every day, we send each other gifts, we fight, we make up, we are intimate; we do everything other couples do, except physically touch each other and look into each others' eyes.
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  • All of the things he could be above, he could be if you met him in a local club.

    No it's not really much of a relationship if you've never met, but it could be the foundation of one. I say go meet him. Make sure you do it some place public, and find out if he's who you think he is. You might get along great.

    Like anything else in life, obstacles are just things to get past. If you want it to happen make it happen.


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