How should I proceed?

Idk where to go.

Its been about 2-3 months since my last relationship. So I'm not ready to rush into a relationship anytime soon. I have tried internet dating and started talking to this girl who I took an interest in. At first it was mostly Because she looked good. Then it turned more solid I guess. We talk here and there and because her phone isn't on its hard to really always contact her.

It took a good 2 months to actually meet up. She hugged me as soon as she saw me. We went out for sushi, but I had to cut it short Because of work...The struggle was real.

She told me to text her and that she was interested in hanging out again.

So we start texting and she tells me what I'm looking for in a relationship. I told her honestly what I wanted and she agreed. I told her the same question and she plainly said "Friends."

I don't believe in the friend-zone thing and she knows I'm trying to see where we could go.

One I don't want to scare her, but on the other hand I don't want her thinking I'm not interested =/


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  • I also hate the friend zone thing but I think you should keep in touch with her maybe a couple more dates and then ask her out. But don't wait too long cause then you will be friend zoned. Keep flirting with her and be a gentleman.


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