Should I give up on this guy?

Me and this exchanged numbers not to long ago , we were calling and texting each other and stuff but now he seems like he only wants to be professional. He doesn't text as much or call me. There haven't been arguments between us. He does work and go to school but still a little text wouldn't be that bad. But yeah why is he acting this way?


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  • Texting is not good. I don't do it with the girls I'm dating. Maybe if I'm running late I will text to let them know but all other communication is talking on the phone or face to face.

    Maybe he has had a relationship in the past that has basically been a texting relationship. They get boring very quickly.

    You say he wants to be you work with him?

    If he is busy a lot of the time try talking on the phone. A text can be seen and forgotten about during a busy schedule. It may be he has found someone else though.


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