Dating and drinking intentions?

Need help, I am meeting someone for a date that I met on a dating website. Originally mentioned coffee now it's turned to dinner. I have two concerns and I am trying to figure out if I should cancel. Thisan doesn't talk about his personal life much and doesn't ask too many questions. Everything that he has mentioned checks out. However he mentioned that I should have a cocktail with him when we are together. And then when I questioned it he made a joke out of it. My two questions are should I go and if not what should I ask him to clarify his intent in a polite fashion?

This is a question if matching values.


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  • I think you're being paranoid. He's not going to drug you in front of a restaurant full of people. It was a joke for sure which you didn't get. Obviously your senses of humour don't match.

  • you should be careful. make sure you understand his intentions before you move forward


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