What is it you're looking for in an online dating profile?

I'm curious what exactly it is you're looking for when you're using an online dating site?

I've seen some say it's just a matter of looks for both sexes. I've seen others say that they're looking for something more in order to give the person a chance. So what do you look for to decide "Yeah, I want to talk to this person?


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  • Girls want a guy who seems mysterious, busy, important, and funny on a dating profile. They are looking for someone who has pictures that show they get out and do things(no mirror selfies), and they like a profile that is filled out and shows some personality and humor. They want to see that you aren't a loner, but that you get out and have friends, do things, and more. I've studied a lot about this subject and have actually written a book about it on Amazon called "The Art of the Alpha Male", about how dating and relationships. It may be of value to you. Hope this helps :)


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  • - smart

    - sensitive

    - honest

    - modest

    - compassionate

    - generous

    - a face that's not too aggressive or hard looking

    Modesty is very important to me. I will never date a guy who flat out tells you "I'm loyal, compassionate, caring" I consider it B.S. if he tells you what he is rather than showing you. Also I will never date a guy who tries to get sex early or suggests sex with other people.

  • Yeah of course there has to be some kind of attraction to looks.

    Although you are more likely to go for someone you find slightly less attractive if it seems they have similar interests and you find it interesting to chat to them.

    This Article is good, most hated online dating cliches! Written by users: link

    No matter what they look like it is easy to sift through some people as they have reallt badly written profiles or cheesy titles.

    I was on a dating site once. The amount of people who say '' I like going out with my friends but also enjoy staying in with a dvd and wine etc ect etc '' Strait away was a no.

    Soooo many people say that. Who doesn't like a bit of both.

    Also cheesy title lines some men put up, can't think of any right now.

    People try so hard to be something on a daing site. they should just be themselves more.


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  • Clues that would show if we would get along.

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