Online dating question from someone who hasn't datex in 4 years.

Just started online dating this Jan after being off the market the past 4 years. Actually met 2 guys who both contacted me either same day or day apart. I replied back to each of them and they were excited and gave me their right away to talk by phone. Let's call them guy B and guy J.

Spoke with guy B first for maybe an hour or two first night good conversation but he did complain allot about women online lying and being married or in a relationship and he wanted to settle down. My ad say I'm seeking only LTR and marriage and he said so was he. The next morning he texted before work but didn't call me that nite. Today/yestetday I texted him to ask if he had lost interest he replied, "No beautiful. Lmao." I asked him to send me a pic from work and he did and said it was hot out and didn't call me again last night or text though I was completely busy with work and on the on the phone with guy J all evening til almost midnite.

Now guy J and I talked for hours on the first night he text me back after we call about how much he liked the conversation and how much we have in common. We texted and talked by phone the next day while he was at work and he told me he told his co worked about me. Yesterday morning he called me about 8am from work and again a long talk followed by several text and pics from work and after work he called me and we talked for hours. We have allot in common and he is a good ole country boy very polite and ole fashion.

Both guys are white, avg looking not hot or ugly, both 5'10/5'11 ht and both are big country guys not what I'm used to dating but they go to the gym.

Guy J is 40 no kids, divorced and ready to get married. Guy B is 46, grown kids over 18 out the house also divorced but my instinct tells me he still has some play left in him and I don't chase guys at my age, 44. Today I plan to just call him and ask direct if he wants to get to know me it should I delete his number because I don't have time foe games..

What do you all think?


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  • Are they talking sex talk yet? Remember there are the ones that say all the right things and woo you to the point of
    turning you into a puddle on the floor. Everything seems right and y'all sleep together and that's the last you hear.
    4 years can make someone do someone out of desire (horny) to soon and mess something up! You haven't met these guys yet.
    If you talked for hours maybe you can answer a question. When you said you have a lot in common , did it go something like this
    You;I really enjoy going to the beach. Him; me too. You;I enjoy working outside with my hands. Him; Me Too.
    If you initiated all the things you like to do and he didn't mention anything himself except saying Hey, me too! Approach with caution! Good Luck and be safej b

    • Cute comment. OK we met Sat in the library parking lit and carpooled with a girlfriend to a scheduled hike with my hiking club. It was over 20 people on a 6 mile hikw through the bayous everyone really enjoyed ur. He talked with everyone and pulled my son in a wagon. Later a group of us went to a restaurant and I left him alone at table tLjubg with friends to interview him. They all were impressived. Later we walked along the lake with my son. He even gotca hotel & went to church with us on Sun

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  • Well I don't think you should judge someone by the amount of contact they make with you through the phone. I personally do not like to feel as if I am getting to know someone through the phone so I tend to keep it short until we meet in person. Even a phone conversation can't compare to a face to face.

    Around the first of December a 40 year old man messaged me (on the dating site I'm on) and I thought that maybe he may be a little too old for me.. not old but I'm 27. I want marriage and a family eventually so I thought he may not have wanted that since he's single and never been married.. Well he did want the same things as me. He was very attentive through the phone. He would text me good morning, good night, thinking of you.. etc etc..Then we finally met in person about 2 weeks later. We had amazing chemistry and both agreed that we felt something that we hadn't ever before felt. We continued dating and he was always contacting me through the phone. In fact, he would get upset if I didn't text him enough.. So I went against my belief of "dating through technology" and I put more effort in. I started to get really attached to him.. or, more like my phone. lol.. Because every time the weekend would come around he would never be available. He put his friends and happy hour before dating me yet would get mad if I didn't talk to him through the phone. His words just didn't match his actions.. He told me he felt a connection to me, that I'm a beautiful woman that he would love to possibly marry some day, and blah blah..

    My point is... forget the phone.. use the internet to meet the man and then MEET him.. Talk face to face.. You just never know. Someone can text and call you all day long. You can sit on the phone for hours on end.. but that doesn't mean the man won't play you like a fiddle. I believe only face to face actions mean something.. I say give them both a chance.. meet them both and see how you feel in person..

    • Thanks. Good advice. I do want to meet each one if them. Guy J is very anxious to meet asap but I just gitvover the flu yesterday so I needed some time. Guy B hasn't even suggested meeting yet. Both work full time during the day on outside jobs and both live an hour maybe a little more away so have to work around their work schedules. I'm a single mom so I have to plan child care or decide if I meet them like at a park so my son can play while we talk sieya date. I'm really a dating virgin.

    • I get it... dating is hard even for me and I have no children. I just work a lot of hours and get tired. You def don't want to waste precious time meeting someone who isn't all that interested so I'd say put guy J at the top of your to do list... and the number one piece of advice I can give you is "if a guy is interested..he will climb mountains barefoot just to see you"... trust me.. Never sell yourself short.