Do you always get nervous before a date?

I will be having a date on Saturday, but somehow I'm not nervous at all. Is that weird?


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  • i typically would get at least a little bit nervous and the more I liked a person the more nervous I'd probably get ... at least the first or second dates I'd be nervous


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  • Get back to us an hour before the date lol

    I get nervous when I'm dating a girl who is not typically my type. The kind of girl I wasn't looking out for but one who caught my attention and got me interested in getting to know her more

    • lol good point, I might get back to ya =)

      why are you nervous? I mean, if she isn't the type you usually go for... I'd think she would be the one who gets nervous.. Cause this guy is also the type that I usually wouldn't go for.

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    • Thought so lol. Hope it went well

    • yeah It went fine. Met him for the second time and I don't have an idea whether it was a date or just friendly..

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  • Yes,but that also depends on who I'm going to date.I have to say if he is super attractive I will be more nervous because I'm worried on his first impression towards my own appearance.

  • I'm always nervous on dates. It depends on how much I know the person and do I actually like them to think I already know we'd be a great match.

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