Boyfriend is not replying?

Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 4 months now, he's always been really good to me, so I never really demand too much from him.. I always understand if he wants to go out with his friends instead of me sometimes, or he doesn't reply right away, etc. I went on holidays for 4 days this week, and the night before I left we were supposed to see each other to say goodbye, but he texted me saying that he couldn't make it. After that he told me that I should write to him when I could during my trip..and so I did. To all the messages I sent him, he took about 24 hours to reply. I didn't really pay much attention to that, but in my last text on whatsapp, a day ago, I told him that I was coming back the following day, and he still hasn't replied, not even to ask when I was I going to be back or anything, although he has seen the text. I still haven't heard from him at all, and its been a whole day... I don't want to text him, because I feel like he is taking me for granted, but on the other hand I feel really sad and hopeless and I want to text him to make myself feel a bit better. What should I do? why is he behaving like this?


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  • I understand so much how you feel girl and it hurts me just to read this :'( I honestly don't know why they do that..sometimes I would try to reply late but honestly, taking anymore than 5 minute to reply him makes me feel super uneasy and empty but he does it without any problem and I find it so unfair. I'd like to think that he likes me just as much as I like him but I would do so many things for him but when I ask for something as simple as walking home with me or hanging out with me on the weekends, he would have other stuff to do. I understand that he is busy but GIRLS NEED LOVE TOO! and I'm afraid sometimes I won't be able to handle being in a relationship like this. Sorry, I'm not really answering your question but just know that you're not alone! I know it sucks liking someone so much, and being told that they love you just as much but you don't feel it at all. hang in there girl! I suggest you try your best to not reply him right away.. give it some time to be apart from him so he would appreciate you. :) goodluck!