He wants to "go with the flow"?

A few months back I went to my hometown where I ended up sleeping with an old friend from highschool. We had a great time a good connection I guess you could say. Now we have been talking for 2 months via text and Skype. We talk pretty much every day I think the longest we have gone without talking is maybe 3 days. Now the issue is we live about 7 hours away from each other. He recently came to visit me and we had an amazing time. Now upon his departure I asked what we were doing exclusive etc. he said he couldn't ask me to be exclusive as he couldn't promise the same and that he has done long distance before (it didn't go well) and his heart couldn't do it again. He asked if we could just "go with the flow"? He claims he cares about me so much so he's willing to admit it. He does plan to move to where I am for school in a year but that seems very far away. Go with the flow?


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  • He obviously really cares for you and likes you, especially since he is going to go to school near you. I say go with the flow. It sounds promising to me.